oakley - Oakley Men's Voyage 27 Pack


Oakley Men's Voyage 27 Pack

Aprox. 175€ - see price -

  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • 100% Polyester lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 17.5" shoulder drop
  • Hand Wash
  • 19" high
  • 10.5" wide
  • Custom eva back panel and shoulder straps for comfort and ventilation, premium aluminum stay contours to shape of back, fully padded eyewear pocket offers 360-degree protection for your shades
  • Backpacks
  • 1000 denier melange polyester with tpu water-resistant laminate , 1000d ballistic nylon base for durability lining, 200 denier polyester
  • Pockets: 2 interior slip, 7 exterior
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  • My favorite bag.

    I first saw this bag at Amsterdam in an Oakley store. It was 125Euros there. I didnt buy it that day because I looked up the amazon price and discovered that it was a better deal. However when I arrived to U.S. the amazon price became 165$. However my current bag was tearing apart and I really liked this one. I was about to buy it eventhough it was 165. Something magical happened after a week and the price dropped to 120 dollars. I just slammed the buy button and got the bag.

    I can fit my 15 inch laptop to the laptop compartment, put all my books 1L water bottle bike lock, a jacket (in case it rains), pencil case, laptop charger without even stretching the bag. The bag is really roomy. It is more than enough for everyday use. I even pickup amazon orders from my local pickup place. I can easily fit 12 bottles of soylent with all my other stuff in it.

    The front of the bag is coated with somekind of water repellent stuff, The water droplets cant stay on the surface for so long neither mud. However not every single surface on the bag is coated with this material.

    Really nice design
    Water repellent surface
    Has seperate section for a laptop
    Glasses compartment is huge. You can also put headphones there.

    Not machine washable? Interestingly the grey version of this bag is labeled as not machine washable. However the red version is machine washable, why!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!
    One of the orange zipper ropes started to loose color.

    I'm planning to buy the red version too. Definitely will buy again.

  • Product looks sharp and cool. I've used for pool day

    Product looks sharp and cool. I've used for pool day, camping, and weekend getaways. (Light travelers) I love that the bag has a pocket for things you want to carry with you( cloths,towels, shoes etc) and a separate pocket for laptop, keys, batteries, charging cables etc. Side pockets are good to carry a water bottle container, Beats Pill, map, or anything you would like quick access to. The top pocket is perfect for Shades, glasses and over the head headphone. The back of the bag is hard with strips to its does hug your back and lets air through. The chest strap is perfect for when hiking, riding a bike or walking through a city and dont want someone snatching it off your back. Overall, in my opinion, it's an all purpose bag and you will be happy with your purchase.

  • Love it!!

    Firstly the service provided by amazon is fully satisfactory. The bag arrived in less than the stipulated time.
    The front of the bag is coated with a layer of plastic to make it water resistant (not water proof).
    Love the way it looks when it's fulll. When it is not filled with less stuff it appears abit crumpled, but I still love it. Great buy!

  • and it features high balance point when put the bag on my back which is a good thing when you are walking a long

    The amazon customer responded back to me very quickly when I received a wrong product. It only took 4days to ship a new item to me even though I am outside of the US. The new product is very well made, and it features high balance point when put the bag on my back which is a good thing when you are walking a long distance

  • Durable and stylish

    Feels great, has plenty of storage for everything I need to carry with me on trips or even school stuff. Looks slick and is just as durable as I thought it would be. Even stands out of the crowd so I know exactly which one is mine. Kinda pricey, but then again it's Oakley. You definitely get what you pay for. Highly recommend.

  • Oakley Voyage 27

    This bag is very spacious. There is a main pocket that is able to hold my camera, 40 oz. water bottle, flash light and jacket. The eyeglass compartment keeps my sunglasses safe. The laptop compartment is very padded. Overall this is a good bag for everyday use, and hiking.