oakley - Oakley Men's Tincan Cap


Oakley Men's Tincan Cap

Aprox. 16€ - see price -

  • 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Stretch fabric on a closed back provides a secure fit,
  • a solid metal ellipse logo at the crown of this Oakley hat symbolizes the longevity of an icon
  • 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex
  • China


  • It's not the hats fault... it's my ...

    It's not the hats fault...it's my big (7 5/8") old head! All of the LG/XL stretch caps tend to be tight on me. I wish they made a jumbo! I have to keep it in a hat stretcher between wearings or I get a headache :D This is a TOP QUALITY hat in my collection! Oakley Men's Tincan Cap, Black/American Flag, Large/X-Large

    **UPDATE** The hat I ordered has the American flag detail on the "O". It is a appliqued vinyl (?) decal over a metal "O". YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WITH THE CAP IF YOU WANT IT TO STAY LOOKING GOOD! The decal on mine is coming off where it hit something hard. It is not a defect or a material issue. You just need to be a little more thoughtful it taking care of this beautiful cap :)

  • It's stitched together crooked or something

    Did not fit as expected, it's not to big not to small! It is defective! It's stitched together crooked or something! No matter what I can't get it to fit or look right! I set it to return but of course Amazon.com wasn't working right so I had to chat it a representative to get a replacement,,, that better go smoothly because I'm about on my last leg with Amazon! It also arrived a day and two hrs late! It was delivered around or close to 10pm. Sorry to the seller but you should test fit hats before sending this hat fit horribly! I hope the next one is not like that! The left side of the bill is bent down and won't straighten out, you can't tell very well in the picture/s because it's black, but in person it's pretty bad.

  • it's of great quality! I wish I could adjust the size ...

    Regardless of the fit, it's of great quality! I wish I could adjust the size like some of the older models!
    It washes easily in the washing machine and dries well in the drying withing changing its structure and it preserves the integrity of the material. Looks as if this cap will last a while! I plan to buy more in other colors!

  • Loses elasticity quickly.

    Noticed I bought 2 of these in different colors in April and by June one (more commonly worn) has already lost most of the bands elasticity making it unwearable.

  • Must Have

    One of the most classic Oakley caps out there - I bought this for my friend as a gift, and he really loved it. The S/M was a perfect fit, fitting snugly onto his head without being too tight or too loose. The metal logo in the center really shines out from the black stitching of the cap. He ended up buying another one for himself because of how much he liked this first one!

  • Awesome, authentic Oakley hat!!!

    Awesome original hat ,athentic Oakley hat. Came in impeccable shape. Have to return though because it's too small doesn't sit down completely. Sad because I really liked the hat. I also wear my hats backwards so it slopes down and looks weird.

  • Garbage

    Bait and switch! As much as I like Amazon Prime they should really vet their vendors better. Product said 96% polyester & 4% elastane and showed and nice moisture wicking breathable hat. What showed up? Same color same look but 88% acrylic, 10% wool & 2% elastane. Horrible!