oakley - Oakley Men's Si Cap


Oakley Men's Si Cap

Aprox. 25€ - see price -

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • Machine Wash
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Stretch Fit Cap with hook and loop patch and embroidery at center front
  • 100% Polyester
  • Fit: Stretch Fit
  • Knit Weave Type
  • Special Size-Standard
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  • Oakley ball caps can take the heat!

    I bought three of these Oakley SI Caps to use on deployment in Afghanistan and they are excellent! The green is more of a Sage Green and I don't really like the color that matches the older digital uniforms of the Army and the Airforce but, the caps are of excellent quality. I love my black one and my coyote tan caps. The Sage Green I use for the gym. I'm happy with all of them and the coyote one I wear every day on deployment and I love it. These caps keep your head cool and avoid me from getting sun burn. The caps dry quick if I get caught in the rain and are very durable.

  • L too big and S a bit small.

    I gave it 3 stars because as much as I like everything about this hat, the sizes are a bit jacked... (and I had to pay for return shipping). I first purchased the L/XL, and it was way too big, so then I bought the S/M, and it fits well, but it is at max stretch, and I'm not sure how it will feel after being on all day. Another reviewer said they stretch out. Normally this would not be good, but in this case, a little more room would be welcome. I found the quality to be as I'd expect from Oakley at this price point. In my opinion, even Oakley's less expensive items seem well made. My biggest disappointment was having to pay for the return. According to the size chart, the L/XL should have fit perfectly, and the S/M should have fit just a bit too small. I am glad that I "should" be able to keep and wear the S/M, but the L/XL was the correct choice if following the size chart. Buyer beware; if your hat size is 7-3/8, the L/XL will be way too big. You "may" be OK with the S/M, but don't be surprised if it's too small. And if you guess wrong, expect to have to pay for return shipping. Yes, I know I mentioned that last part 3 times; I'm just warning the next person so they hopefully won't have to deal with that. Some may argue that's a fulfillment issue, and not item related, but I disagree; the hat is really nice, but the exchange and return policy makes it critical that if your hat size it at or a little bigger than 7-3/8, neither size maybe right for you, and that is a huge item issue, but then you will have to pay to return it. OK, OK, make that 4 times!

  • They run big. And deep.

    This hat is my new favorite! It fits great and doesn't make my head hot as other hats do. It is like a 1/8" deeper than I would have liked and touches the spot between my ears and head, but it's not bad. I will be buying it in more colors.

    As for the sizing overall. I usually wear L/XL in flex fit hats. I bought the same size in this hat but it was way too big. I bought it in S/M and it is kinda big.

  • Either way too big or way too small

    I bought this hat twice, once in L/XL and then in S/M. The L/XL fit pretty well for a few days then it just got wayyyyy to big. It literally doesnt even fit snug at all with the stretch band like it should, so I figured no big deal, I will order the smaller size (this only comes in two sizes) and the S/M fits WAY too small! Somebody said I look like pinhead wearing it because the bottom stretches so much but the top stays pointy. Keep in mind I am a 7 1/2 for hats, so if u have a similarly sized head, buy with caution. Would otherwise be an awesome hat! Great quality for sure.

  • My favorite hat!

    This is my second Oakley Si cap - first one is still in good shape but the flex fit band got stretched out and it doesn't fit me securely anymore. That's the only problem with flex fit hats is the fact the elastic can be stretched out and if that happens then the cap will fit loosely on your head. Otherwise the quality, looks, and breathability of this hat is awesome.

  • I really wanted to like this hat

    I’m writing this from my wife’s account. I am a hat guy and have been for years. I really wanted to like this hat. Overall it was comfortable and I could tell the fabric was breathable which was nice. The problem was the hat had no form and wouldn’t hold the shape while on my head. It fit all the way down which I like but there were ripples all over the front of the hat because it has no structure. That fabric is a double edge sword. Feels great but looks bad. Ultimately I returned it to Amazon and bought the Oakley Tincan hat and couldn’t be happier. Still comfortable and holds its form.

  • Liked the 1st, bought a second.

    This is the second one purchased in around 3 years.

    The first was a different color (coyote) and would have continued being worn, but it got watched and the elastic gave some, making it not as desirable. This is no fault of the cap and as I've said, I'm purchasing again, this time black.

    Great hat, love the patch ability. It's 3.5x2, which seems to not be standard, but there are plenty of options it you can custom make one.

    The fit is nice and the material breathable and cool.

    I curve my brim and this holds well.

    Well made cap.
    I highly recommend if you like great fitting hats with changeable patches.

  • Comfy Cap with Goofy Patch

    I really like the FIT of the cap. Very flexible and comfortable. As a big-head guy who wears lots of pro-fit and flex-fit caps, this one is super comfy. BUT (it's a big but) the Velcro patch is larger than lots of commonly sold patches for this application so if you're OCD about the patches fitting perfectly, prepared to either (A) be disappointed or (B) shop around for the perfect patch fit. To be clear, the patch needed to properly fit this cap is 3.5x2 inches whereas lots of the patches sold are 3x2 inches.