oakley - Oakley Men's Oo9266 Triggerman Rectangular Sunglasses


Oakley Men's Oo9266 Triggerman Rectangular Sunglasses

Aprox. 68€ - see price -

  • Plastic
  • Made in US
  • Case included
  • Lenses are prescription ready (rx-able)
  • This is a lightweight frame with a distinctive center framing. This frame is made of O Matter which is stress resistant and durable to ensure everday comfort.


  • Solid Sunglasses

    One of the best pair of glasses I've ever owned. Oakley seems to have discontinued them, so I was really happy to find them for a decent price on Amazon. I actually bought 2 pairs so I always have one handy. They're light weight, give you more cover than your average set of glasses, and they fit my face closely. The lens quality also seems to be in line with the Oakley standard. I think any negative reviews are just personal preference. Pro tip: don't get bent out of shape for buying something online without seeing it in person and not liking it.

  • They are OK

    The lenses are junk IMO.
    I replaced them with aftermarket polarized lenses and they are a lot better.
    Under low lighting it was difficult to see details.
    If these are real oakley glasses the quality of oakley has really gone down, honestly 20$ cheapo walmart sunglasses have about the same quality.
    The entire thing is plastic for the price would of expected atleast some metal components somewhere.

  • Weakest Oakleys I've Seen

    After receiving the product I am somewhat disappointed in the quality. Upon inspection of the product I have found that the arms are the weak point. The quality of these glasses are not what I, or anyone else who purchases a pair of Oakley sunglasses should expect a much higher quality product than what I have seen in these sunglasses. Fortunately I am not hard on my equipment most of the time so they may last for a while. Oakley should recall and replace these with another better constructed version.

  • Pic doesn't match description

    I like the triggerman in general. Light weight, simple, fits my face well. What I didn't like is how the advertised item picture differs from the description. I really wanted the sapphire lense with the translucent bottom (the one on the pic), but what I got was the ruby lenses with polished black frame (on the description). Hope the seller or amazon can correct those, not really sure whose scope that is.

  • My Favorite Pair of Sunglasses. Ever.

    What can I say, LOVE these shades. They're light weight, comfortable and look great. These are the best pair of shades I've ever owned. Oakley really hit it out of the park with this pair of sunglasses. Lightweight, very comfortable, great protection, and I love the look and style. The Ruby Iridium lenses are a blueish tint that look bright(maybe clear or contrasty(I know that;s not a word but you know what I mean) are better words), not dark like the Black Iridium. I've owned many Oakley's and other brands and these are definitely my all time favorite.

  • “Cheap” materials

    One thing I will say is that the materials feel cheaper than I expected. I have been a long time Oakley fan and these miss the mark for my expectations.
    The style is good but a real miss on materials of construction. I actually forgot about them so I can’t review wearing them

  • Extremely light Oakley's

    This is my 6th pair of Oakley's and they are by far the lightest pair I have ever owned. They are very comfortable and the ruby iridium lens looks great on the polished black frames. I have a pretty big noggin and I have no problem wearing these sunglasses. If you're not familiar with ruby iridium lenses, they brighten everything up when you look through them but they don't cause you to squint. This lens is also great for eye protection while shooting or target practice.

  • Not mark with made in the USA

    Seems to be Oakley however the lense bother my eyes I have three pairs of the half jackets but they are polarized. One other down side was unlike my others these are not marked made in the USA even though the descriptions said they were. I am returning them.