oakley - Oakley Men's Oo9208 Radar Ev Path Shield Sunglasses


Oakley Men's Oo9208 Radar Ev Path Shield Sunglasses

Aprox. 196€ - see price -

  • propionate
  • Made in US
  • Case included
  • Lenses are prescription ready (rx-able)
  • Radar EV PATH is the new milestone for performance. This takes a breakthrough of design with taller lenses that extends the upper view. This is an innovative style for Oakley


  • Oakley Radar EV Trail - MTB Canopy Trail Riding - Amazing

    I am writing this review for those who are wondering how Oakley Radar EV trail work in the woods under a canopy. I researched sunglasses for the last week and finally narrowed it down to these. I was skeptical about the Prizm lenses, but decided to give them a shot. These are the non-polarized lenses.

    I tried them on at the house and was amazed at how certain earth colors popped. They even make the greens pop. Today I took them on the trail and fell absolutely in love with the glasses. The prism trail lens is amazing. I could see the trail clearly and all the stumps and rocks popped out at me. Before I was using polarized sunglasses and he’d trouble seeing some of the trail. This has made the ride even more fun. The day was mainly cloudy and the view through the glasses was great. I cannot wait to see how they work on a sunny day with the shadows(update later).

    The frames feel great and I love the different nose pieces. I did not have to adjust them while riding at all. I also did not experience any fogging which I typically do in my other glasses.

    So far these are worth every penny. I will give it a couple rides and update this post, but for now, all I can say is WOW!

  • the perfect cycling sunglasses

    The description and title of these sunglasses was a little confusing so I wasn’t 100% sure I was ordering the right model but the free return shipping eased my worries. Fortunately, I didn’t need the free returns because I ended up receiving exactly what I wanted; the Prizm Road Radar EV Path Sunglasses. They’re white and red. In addition to the confusion about what one’s were being sold, I hesitated purchasing these due to the price but I shouldn’t have hesitated because they’re worth it. I only paid $147 but they’re worth the $190 that they usually sell for. In a nutshell, these are the perfect sunglasses for cycling. They completely block the wind from getting in your eyes which for a contact lens wear like myself is almost a necessity. This full coverage allows a complete, unobstructed range of vision. Your peripheral vision in these is great. They’re secure at the sides, the nose, and along the forehead without being uncomfortable. In fact, I hardly know I’m wearing them. Along the forehead they form a perfect seam with my helmet. Speaking of my helmet, they fit securely on my Giros Atmos & Kask Mojito. Best of all, these lenses are amazing. The block the bright Florida sun but still make everything pop. Everything looks really clear and bright without straining my eyes. The looks of these glasses are a little flashy and cocky for my taste but I got over that real quick. These are my first Oakleys but they won’t be the last because I already plan to buy the Trail version of these sunglasses for mountain biking.

  • Flashy Oakley’s

    We bought these for my son as a birthday present. He plays baseball and the colors matched his team’s jersey. I thought they might be too big for him since he’s only 13, but they fit him very well! He is able to play in these and they’ve been great when he’s needed to catch fly balls in the outfield on sunny days. Would recommend!

  • Good Oakleys are pricely, probably worth it.

    I have used these Oakleys on a few bicycling rides and find them 'right for the purpose'. Though Oakleys are expensive, and I am certain have hefty profit margins, they are lightweight, provide good eye protection and adequate visibility on the sides. If I don't loose them, I use these for a long time. I would purchase again. I have not really tested them in hot weather to see if they adhere to your face during times of heavy perspiration.

  • Clarity and Convenience :)

    I have a pair of Oakley Path ones I've owned for almost 7 years now. They work great but I always had to change the lens to match the ambient light if I really wanted to get the best "trail picture." I just rode with the Photochromic version today on my local trail and it was pretty amazing. Not only did I not have to change lenses, as the sun set, but the clarity of this lens really has to be seen to believe it. You really get what you pay for and wow do these glasses perform! Fits nicely snug and is distanced better than my previous pair so sweat does not transfer from the brow of my helmet to the top, and down the lens face. Was very annoying. I'm SO happy I forked out the money for these. I even thought that the tint wasn't dark enough, but it's just right actually and allows me to see more detail on the trail as well. Highly Recommend them!

  • Lower quality

    Bought these a few years ago. Loved them so much that I purchased again as a replacement. Unfortunately the nose piece is very soft and squishy. Plastic doesn't seem as sturdy. The reflective surface on lense isn't as even. Quality isn't as good. Pretty terrible if you take the price into consideration.

  • Great glasses, horribe packaging

    Glasses are excellent, no complaints. Best bicycling glasses I've tried. Amazon put these $160 sunglasses in a paper bag and handed the bag off to UPS. This is unacceptable. See the photos of how the box arrived. I almost returned them. I can buy these glasses for the same price from any number of places, I'm sure I could find one that would put them in a small cardboard box. I'll follow this up with a note to Bezos, I'm that unhappy.