oakley - Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink Lx


Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink Lx

Aprox. 176€ - see price -

  • 60% Cotton, 36% Polyester, 4% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Button Fly closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Stretch fabric allows natural movement
  • Multiple pockets, including side zip pocket


  • get it for looks, for space get something like a husky backpack (home depot)

    Honestly this is a way over-engineered bag which is pretty much the point.

    I went from a husky laptop backpack and was surprised as to how little storage placed there are.
    Husky 18 in Backpack HEAVY DUTY 58597N11

    Dont get me wrong there is plenty of room but you have to cram everything in single zipper pouches vs having more of the smaller zippers.

    The positives:
    - looks awesome
    - feels like solid material especially the hooks

    -bag will not stay up, keeps falling when you stand it up ( trust me its annoying as heck)
    - the stupid bag that come out from the bottom is not seperated so everything inside of your backpack is sitting inside of that rolled up mess
    -not enough smaller compartments

  • I love the size

    I love the size. I am 6'4 260lbs. This backpack doesn't make me feel like I am carrying a purse on my back.

    PROS: Well made, sturdy, lots of components to carry stuff.

    CONS: my phone does fit in the area designed for phones. The area for pens and pencils is not deep enough.

  • Six months later still awesome

    OK I’ve used his backpack for about six months now I’ve decided to write a review .. this particular supplier what they sent me was exactly the description in quality I expected ....Made out of very fine materials everything was on point I’ve taken this backpack all over the world now... hands down the best backpacks I have ever owned ... I have had over 75 pounds of stuff in it before and it held together beautifully. I especially love the top pocket I can put my headphones and keep them safe from getting squished..the side pockets are actually rather big I have put a lot of stuff in them before..

  • Would (and did) buy again

    I had the non-Lx version of this backpack for several years but accidentally broke the laptop side-zipper (my fault, not a fault of the bag's workmanship). Unfortunately Oakley doesn't do repairs so i researched replacement bags. Every bag I looked at just couldn't compare to the Kitchen Sink. I finally decided to just buy the same bag again although I liked the color of the Lx version. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a feature I didn't even know my old bag had, the quick-latch clips that hold the cover for the main compartment detach by just pulling on the nylon tabs. I was always pushing the spring open to unlatch. Very cool!

  • Great build. Ton of space. Protected but hard to access main zippers under the flap.

    Great backpack. Great design. Great quality.

    A little difficult to access zippers on the side, top (under flap) and front in a hurry.

    Amazing addition of the hind zipper for quick access to laptops and tablet section!

    Has a zipper on the bottom with a liner that partitions the inner cavern (it's huge inside). Great for dirty clothes after the gym or shoes or anything you want to segregate from the rest of your things.

    Front pocket has little rigid pockets for a couple individual pens (apple pencil?), a small device twice in size of a zippo lighter (airpods or the like) and a phone or small passport or passport-sized hard drive.

    Side pockets fit full laptop adaptors comfortably with space or a mouse with a case in either side.

    I can fit my iPad Pro 12.9, a Razer Blade 15 laptop, their accessories and still have room for a weekend trip's clothes. ;) Can even squeeze in a switch in a case without problems.

    This was a replacement for my old Razer Tactical Pro backpack. Similar in build, but this is larger, less rigid and much more protected. Although, I took my Razer's "raincoat" for this one to keep. ;)

  • Fits almost anything except the kitchen sink itself!

    Great backpack! I already have the Kitchen Sink Lx and Kitchen Sink in black. Lots of room to storage you cloths, pair of shoes, electronics, iPad Pro, 15 inch laptop and any knick-knacks/accessories you might have.

  • Durable and cool as heck

    One of the best backpacks you’ll own. This is my sons first Oakley bag. I’ve had the original
    Kitchen sink for 6+ years. I wear it weekly to travel all over the US. It goes under my seat. Therefor it has taken some abuse.
    My sons version is holding up nicely. At this point in the school year he usually half demolishes his bags. His Oakley looks brand new. My younger son (13 & 11) has the blue one. It also looks fantastic.

  • Love It

    I choose this because I was looking for a backpack that would serve as a good laptop case, hiking bag, and a good travel backpack. I was a little nervous paying the amount I did and it not meeting my expectations in quality. When I received it, that nervousness quickly vanished as the quality exceeded my expectations. The structure and materials are great. This backpack is legit and one that I will definitely be using for a very long time.