oakley - Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink


Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink

Aprox. 209€ - see price -

  • 69% Nylon, 31% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Versatile backpack featuring padded side-access sleeve for 17" laptop and brushed media pocket at top for protective storage
  • Front organizer panel and mesh optics pocket
  • Compression-molded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort
  • Bottom shoe compartment. Dimensions- 20 H x 14 W x 8 D inches


  • Large size, nice hardware, only one fault...

    I bought this as a replacement for a few $20-30 cheap backpacks.

    The first think of note is this is a LARGE backpack. It is larger than I thought it would be. I am thinking that I should have purchased the Oakley Bathroom Sink backpack to get one more of a size that I had imagined it would be, but I can't fault this product in a review for me purchasing the wrong size. However, once I tried it on I found that it fits perfectly even if it has lots of extra space. I'm 6'00" tall and 220lbs with broad shoulders and chest, so it's nice to have a backpack that doesn't look like a fat man wearing a child's backpack.

    The interior pockets are nice and all of the exterior hardware is without fault. The metal parts are perfectly cast/milled/sculpted and the plastic parts are a quality, high density plastic instead of being cheap.

    The only fault is that the top flap/compartment that folds over the other main pockets is more or less molded/sculpted to be held closed and in place with the metal clips. When you try to fold the top flap open it really doesn't want to stay open and you have to hold it open with a hand while you are reaching in to the backpack. If you need both hands to get something out you are stuck holding that flap back with your chin or it gets in the way and you have to feel inside the bag blindly.

  • Best backpack I've owned

    The headline doesn't quite do justice. 10 years ago I bought an Oakley backpack on clearance and it lasted the whole 10 years and probably 200 airplanes with only one failure, one of the chest clips fell off, gave it to my buddy and he still uses it. So Oakley is extremely durable. I started climbing last year and decided this one would be better because of the front rings. This bag has exceeded my expectations 10 fold, after a year of constantly hooking carabiners and other climbing equipment from the rings, they just as intact as day one. Nothing has loosened at all and all the zip are still as smooth as butter, despite being covered in chalk. There is plenty of room throughout. An average pack for me is a change of pants, a shirt, socks, climbing harness, a chalk bag, a chalk bucket, training mask, climbing shoes, rope, various other climbing tools, iPad, dog leash, dog food, bottled water, dog bowls and other miscellaneous items. There is still room in here for more. The chest straps are constructed better, there's a bottom pocket for dirty shoes or wet clothes that will keep them from your dry stuff, the waist strap is nice and wide so keeping a heavy bag tight to the body is easy to manage, and a padded back with an access zipper to easily access you tablet or laptop. Only complaint I have is that the center compartment, between the clips, can't really be easily accessed without opening the clips. It's stupid, I know, but I feel obligated to at least list something negative

  • Great Style and functionality for everyday backpack

    I'd seen the Kitchen Sink backpack when it came out and I loved it's style, but it was way out of my price range. So when I got a gift card and saw that the price had dropped, I jumped on it.
    To be clear, I use the backpack instead of a briefcase/laptop case, so for my purposes, weight isn't an issue. I'm sure if you are hiking or carrying it for long distances, it might be heavier than you'd like. But for me, it is all I need. It holds my 15 inch laptop easily, and there is plenty of room for additional items. I like that there are numerous pockets, and the style can't be beat.
    So far the materials and workmanship seem good (I've had the case for several months).
    All in all, I'm very pleased with Kitchen Sink.

  • All kinds of storage space!

    I use this for work. I work construction and am pretty rough on things and my Oakley glasses have always held up so I decided to give this a shot. It’s a little pricey but, hey, you get what you pay for right? This thing seems to be well built after using it everyday for months now. The only aspect which seems to be under engineered is the snaps across the chest. They haven’t broken and may be perfect but compared to the rest of the bag are just bland. It definitely fits my needs. I carry my tablet, work boots, rain suit, snacks, and even a few tools and it has been holding up great! The ONLY reason I’m not giving 5 stars is bc top entry is a little annoying at times to get some of my bigger items in. Oh and the shoe compartment is great if you are like me and get filthy and don’t want nasty boots touching all your other stuff!

  • Don't Forget Grocery Shopping!

    I LOVE IT!!! I use my Kitchen Sink Backpack a bit differently. I use mine for Grocery Shopping!!! I cannot say enough good things about it!!! I am disabled and can only get around with cuff crutch. I am able to easily fit a 24-pack of sodas with room to spare in the main pack area! If it is just groceries and not drinks, I usually can fit everything with room to spare. I ride a transit bus to grocery shop and the convenience the backpack gives is amazing. I ordered the Bathroom Sink first, it was just a bit too small. I really like it so I kept it and ordered the Kitchen Sink...Now that is a beast (In a good way). So...in closing...VERY NICE !!!!!