oakley - Oakley Men's Bathroom Sink Lx


Oakley Men's Bathroom Sink Lx

Aprox. 99€ - see price -

  • 77 Nylon/14 PVC/9 Polyester
  • Imported
  • 100 Polyester lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 13" shoulder drop
  • Machine Wash
  • 19" high
  • 12" wide
  • Strap Drop: N inches; Pockets: 3 slip, 4 exterior
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  • Great bag for everyday use

    This is a great looking bag. It has become my go to bag after using several to fit my everyday needs. At first use, it took some getting use to with the pockets zipper configuration. I simply wasn't accustomed to unzipping from the bottom. Then, the need to unzip the hard top to get to the administrative area, well...that isn't always convenient either. I'd prefer to not have to make multiple unsnaps to get to that area. It have come in handy tho because my kids are confused in how to get in it which protects my things more. I can see how it could deter theft as well. The pocket is hidden. The same goes for the main large compartment. You must unsnap the sunglasses hard case to get to it. This is held down by 2 large metal clips. I think the clips makes the bag look sassy.

    The side pockets are quite roomy. I am able to fit 2 16.9oz water bottles in one pocket. I use the other pocket for things I would like to access quickly like lotion, hand sanitizer, chap stick. It all just share that space together...no real organization. I dont wear sunglasses much so I dont have any inside the hard case designed to protect glasses, so I usually just slip my cell phone in there when it's not on my person.

    The rear side zip is easy access for my work laptop which is about a 14 inch. It's a good fit for easy in and out. Outside of traveling to and from work, I use my bag at the park with my kids, filled with snacks and drinks and at the gym. I use a clothing cube for my gym clothes and my shoes fit snug in the bag.

    I wish it had a chest strap. When I'm out, depending on what I'm carrying, it can get heavy so a chest strap will take the pressure off of my shoulders. Overall, I like the bag. I try to change bags monthly, but this one held the spot for 3 consecutive months. When I decide to switch bags, I used another for 2 days before returning to this one.

  • My new favorite pack.

    This bag is small enough for me to take to work without it looking like I’m going on a two day trip. I’m 5’5” and it hangs slightly above my back hips. I have tossed this bag around in my work truck and personal vehicle and it still holds well. The room inside the pack is enough for me to keep a tablet an extra pair of workout clothes with shoes two 1L water bottles my flashlight and a small pack lunch. The outside pockets hold most of my slim stuff: edc tool, portable usb battery charger, phone, wallet, sunglasses with case. It’s perfect for my lifestyle. I do have the larger kitchen sink, but for my frame size I like this walking around the city without looking like I’m trekking.

  • I like the bag/color/style

    I like the bag/color/style; however, the designers place a heavy metal plate behind the inside of the bag to support the three black hooks in the front. The plate way too heavy and forces the bag to fall on it's face unless the bag is filled with heavy items. It's an annoying design. They should have used a lighter material for the hook support.

  • Great backpack at a steal!

    I was looking at this exact backpack in a store for $197. I passed on it. Having Oakley packs in the past, I know they are rugged and worth every penny but I just wasn’t prepared to fork out that kind of cash at the moment.

    Came home and checked amazon for the heck of it.

    $68!!!!! And received in two days with free prime!

    It’s brand spanking new with tags! I’m stoked!


    Smaller than my previous bag. Over top flap is spring loaded and makes it challenging to place things inside the main compartment. Lots of pockets for random gear. Biggest wish? More size.

  • It does not have a water proof lining pocket at the bottom.

    Its everything I expected it to be. It is a great quality bag perfect for everyday essentials. Be aware that this version does not a have a water proof lining pocket at the bottom like the kitchen sink does. Which isn't a deal breaker since I use this for motorcycling commutes, it was just a fit confusing.

  • Perfect Bag for outdoors

    If you are an outdoor person and this bag is for you. I am using it for my daily use and also for outdoor recreations. It's good in size and the pockets are sufficient. Moreover, good quality for the price they offered.

  • Amazing back pack!

    What an amazing back pack! Looks great and masculine! Like it will help you get there...where ever it may be you are going! It has several compartments and it has heavy duty latches to keep people out of ur valuables. Very very nice design!