oakley - Oakley Men's Bathroom Sink Backpack


Oakley Men's Bathroom Sink Backpack

Aprox. 149€ - see price -

  • 100% Nylon
  • 100% Nylon lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 20" shoulder drop
  • Hand Wash
  • 17.5" high
  • 12.5" wide
  • Pockets: 4 interior slip, 5 exterior



    I've been lusting over this backpack for years. I saw these in an outlet store in Vegas years ago but the price was high and I had no real need for it. Recently I needed a backpack for work to lighten the load from my duty bag. After a decade of Policing I realized that there were only a few things that I accessed regularly and maybe I could save my back if I invested in a backpack. I shopped the Tacti-cool backpacks but I came back to this one....$100 is a fair price for this bag considering its got metal hardware....I couldn't find anything similar in this price range.

    Aesthetically this backpack is the bomb. There is nothing that comes close to looking as hard-core as this thing. The metal hardware is awesome and the carabiner hooks are made of heavy duty. I wish the top strap was solid metal like the Kitchen Sink but other than that this is one sexy backpack.

    There are some issues with the design. There is really nowhere to put the water bottle unless you throw it inside the pack or attach it via carabiner. That sucks.....I carry a Stanley water bottle at work and now thats one more thing I need to remember not to leave in the car....i can make it fit inside my bag but I would have preferred a better setup.

    The pockets are a little weird as well. They zip from the bottom which means stuff might fall out. I don't carry a laptop but I do carry an envelope with documents...that fits perfectly in the padded zip slot. The top padded zip pocket will fit a pair of sunglasses or iPod but I use it for my cpr mask and Noloxone spray....easy to access in case shiz hits the fan. Here is a list of items i've managed to cram into this bag:
    -Gas Mask
    -High Visibility Vest
    -Lined gloves
    -Document envelope
    -phone charger
    -Alcohol gel cleaner
    -CPR Mask
    -Noloxone Nasal Spray
    -Various Sharpies and pens and a handcuff key
    -Coord Cuff
    -business cards
    -spit hood

    I have room for more stuff but this is about the max I want to have in this bag. It slings over the shoulder easily and its a great size for a duty backpack. I debated hard about buying the kitchen sink but i'm satisfied with this smaller pack. I'll be throwing this bag through its paces over the next few months and I will update if there are any failures or issues.

    So far.....Its a great looking bag with metal hardware...which is what I wanted.

  • Overall solid backpack but missing a couple key features...

    Pros: Looks great. Overall good quality and nice details. Though it looks too small, it actually has good capacity to carry a larger laptop. Very solid zippers and clasps. Very secure design makes it difficult for someone to reach in and steal something easily, yet a side zipper facilitates easy removal of a laptop for airport security. Stress points are well reinforced.

    Cons: A couple features are missing that prompt me to give 3 stars rather than 5. Lacks a grab handle at top- only a small loop is present, suitable for hanging the backpack. Side pockets might hold a small drink or water bottle but nothing bigger. Also the side pocket zipper closes at bottom which makes grabbing your drink and putting it back inconvenient. A simple elastic, open at top pocket would work better and cost less to produce. Another con is that for the price point, I was expecting better shoulder straps- thicker padding and a little more robust construction.

  • Full size laptop is stretch, but the iPad pro and smaller units fit perfectly.

    This is my second one, and I will continue to buy them as long as they exist. They are perfect. From riding a motorcycle, hiking, kayaking, flights, they are the perfect size for a 2-3 day get away. I use mine daily to work and back and every weekend it is utilized for outings.

  • Typical rugged oakley quality and fits a 15” MacBook Pro (as long as you use the main compartment)

    Waited so long to get this. I am a big Oakley fan and love their products due to their quality.

    I commute from NJ to NYC every day and think this is the perfectly sized bag for me. It fits my 15” Mac book pro (yes it does if you only use the main compartment and not the side one), my gym stuff, power block, accessories and I also carry a Nintendo 3DS in the side pocket. Lots of space.

    The bag itself is very well constructed and the buckles are all metal, and due to the design the primary zip compartments are very secure and tucked away from prying hands. I walk all the time, so in wet weather it holds up excellently as you’d expect too. Also I manage to fit my umbrella to the side using the Velcro straps which makes it easy to grab quickly if needed.

    The laptop is well padded and the bag is very comfortable to wear with a good amount of adjustment. It can be tightened to fit snug if you have to run for the train like I do!

    Recommend it for a daily bag if you like the signature, rugged Oakley design and you have a thin 15” or smaller laptop.

  • Great Bag

    This pack is extremely durable and very well made. You can definitely tell that it was designed to withstand the toughest environments. The stitching is incredible, the straps are very strong, the clasps to keep the bag closed are strong and sturdy and not made from cheap materials. Oakley went all out on this bag. It's not huge and overly bulky. Everything I use on a daily basis for work fits nicely into all of the pockets with some room to spare. I can reach my Surface from the side of the bag rather than opening the entire bag up which to me is very convenient.

  • It does not stand up empty or full

    It's annoying how it falls on it's face constantly. It is functional, but clumsy to get into when in a hurry.

    When using it outdoors, camping, fishing... it falls forward every time. This happens even when it's packed full, so you need to put a brick in the bottom if you want it to stand up. You can't just quickly reach in it either: you have to unbuckle the flap, flip it out of the way before you can get to the zipper to open it.

    It looks very impressive.

  • Satisfied

    The bag looks awesome and appears to be well-constructed. I use a backpack daily at work to transport lunch, rain clothes, work gloves, etc. and am in and out of the bag throughout the day. It will be interesting to see how it holds up after a year or two of use. As far as its capacity, I compared the numbers of this bag to my old one before purchasing and am satisfied with its ability to hold what I need.