oakley - Oakley Kitchen Sink LX Designer Backpack Mens


Oakley Kitchen Sink LX Designer Backpack Mens

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  • 69% nylon 18%pvc 13%polyester
  • Imported
  • pockets: 1 in slip, 4 in zip, 4 exterior


  • Nice backpack but...

    A really nice bag, i like the design and looks. But confused why the top handle is damaged, not sure whether deliberately done by oakley or else, because backpack was still wrapped inside plastic when received and was purchased with amazon as the seller (which mean trusted source). So, I will keep one star until confirmed what really happened here.

  • Not like previous models

    Initial thoughts on my new Oakley KS. Item is as described. I preferred the not ripstop stealth on instead but this was $30 cheaper so I could live with it. I’ve always like the look of the older models, the designer ones are just okay. I actually saw this same model in an Oakley store and it looked the same as this one I purchased. I plan to use it for trips and going out to the beach so we’ll see how it holds up. It looks like it should be easy to clean if it got dusty or dirty. For the price I got it for it’s a good backpack if if was any more than I probably would have passed.


    This backpack seems like it was designed by crack adicted monkeys. It's absolutely horrible. Anyone who gives this backpack a possitive rating must have either never own a well designed backpack before or are being paid by Oakley.

    The list of serious flaws is long:
    * The top handle is sized for a child's hand and is made of metal. It's pretty much useless (other than maybe as a torture device) when the pack is full and you have normal sized hands.
    * The zippers are cheap and catch easy. I doubt they'll last through more than a few months of heavy use.
    * There are ZERO zipper compartments inside this bag.
    * The sun glasses case on the top and the topmost outer compartment unzip in different directions. If you have this back on the floor between your legs on a flight or whatever, you can unzip the sun glasses case OK -- but, if you unzip the topmost outer compartment, items inside will likely fall out. To make things even more inconvenient, there's a flap that buckles over this compartment and you have to unbuckle that before you unzip it and loose all your stuff on the floor.
    * The shoulder straps are WAY too narrow for this pack to be worn comfortably when fully loaded. I made it less than ten minutes before it actually started getting painful. I own other larger packs with wider straps and can wear those with more weight and no discomfort.
    * Although the main compartment is lockable, the genius designers inexplicably made the main compartment accessible from the side sipper compartment. Not only does this mean that someone can simply unzip the side to steal your stuff from the locked main compartment, it also means that stuff you put in the main compartment can fall out of the bag if you accidently leave the side unzipped.

    My trial run for this pack was a three-day trip to NYC where I wanted to be able to carry my clothes and camera gear in a single pack. Despite this pack being much smaller than I had presumed it would be based on the description, I did manage to jam my gear into it. But, I really needed more room and with all the other shortcoming this bag has, I ended up having to move some of my gear into a smaller pack -- and carrying two packs around NYC -- which is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

    I'm EXTREMELY disappointed that I wasted $122 on this Oakley backpack. Now, I'm going to have to turn around and buy another pack to replace it.

  • Bag looks cool. Plastic material on outside seems like it'll wear ...

    Bag looks cool. Plastic material on outside seems like it'll wear down over time and in hindsight, I should've gotten the cloth material. I bought it for a 17" laptop but realized mine is 17.3." Still fits it but not in the laptop compartment. Bag does not stand up on its own and there isn't any padding to protect the laptop,unfortunately. This would be an okay bag for hiking though. I got it on sale for 192 bucks and even still isn't worth it in my opinion. I do like the protected headphone case embedded at the top. I may update this in the future but this bag is meh.

  • What I expected

    I feel like it has plenty of room for what it is, its a laptop bag. Throw your laptop in there along with charger, mouse, tablet etc. I use it for my EDC laptop carry bag. Along with what I listed previously, it also houses my concealed carry with extra magazine, a full size fixed bladed knife, external battery chargers, med kit, EDC organizer pouch, a fresh change of clothes, ear protection, sunglasses in the padded zip up compartment, headlamp and since we are in the winter I also have an extra hat and gloves for those bitter cold days. After its all said and done, there is still plenty of room in this bag. The shoulder straps make the load easy on my shoulders and the hip straps would be ideal in a situation where I would have to walk a long distance. The bag seems well made so far minus a few loose stitches that I had to nip.

    The cons:
    The serial number patch is useless, the numbers mean nothing as they use the same patch with the same numbers on every kitchen sink bag. The side zippers are hard to open with one hand, for the price I would have expected better quality zippers such as YKK zippers to be used. I think better quality zippers would have earned the 5 stars.

    With that being said, I am happy with the purchase and I would recommend it to anyone considering it. Large, discrete, and practical. I will update this after further use.

  • I like it, but it is a pain to use

    It’s a beautiful backpack! I just wish the designs are more user friendly.
    Compared to other backpacks that I have used before, it is just so much harder to use this one (e.g., the zippers are hard to open with one hand, it’s hard to reach the stuff in the backpack unless you take the whole backpack off and set it on the ground, It’s extremely hard to open certain parts, so that I stopped using some parts of the backpack.)
    I like the backpack, but I really hope that they can improve the designs and make it more ergonomic.

  • Great bag, lots of space.

    Sent mine back to get the regular nylon cloth bag. It's a great bag, nothing really wrong with it. It does crinkle alot because of the waterproof ripstop fabric. It's got a bit of a shine to it similar to leather. I sent it back because alot of people told me it looks like I carry whips and chains and go to BDSM clubs. Not what I'm going for so...is waterproof worth it? Not for me.

  • A real head turner

    I saw this backpack while traveling and had never seen another one like it. I researched, and got the bag! The very first time I traveled with it, SEVEN different people stopped me to ask what kind of bag it was and where I got it? Truly a great looking bag.