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Oakley Home Office

Aprox. 38€ - see price -

  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • 13" high
  • 17" wide
  • Red code
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Trolley back flap
  • Checkpoint friendly,15 inch
  • 73% nylon/27% polyvinyl chloride
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  • Absolute Garbage!!!!!

    Bag appears to be used and is severely damaged. All metal parts are rusted and corroded. Side pockets are torn and ripped. Every inch of the bag is dirty folks and it smells like old wet moldy laundry left in a washing machine for a week. I cannot believe this was even shipped to me. It should be tossed in the garbage. None of these issues were done in shipping either. The box it arrived in was clean, dry and Undamaged. This was shipped in this condition. Very disappointed in every way with the seller and Amazon for letting this out to door....

  • Great Bag!!!

    I will agree with a few of the reviews that the zippers seem a little "sticky". However the bag is still great! I am able to fit everything I need in it. I love the molded pockets in the inside front of the bag. The two bigger pockets are great for my work iPhone and my personal iPhone 6 Plus. I use the pocket that is designed to carry sunglasses for my wireless mouse.

    The middle area of the bag has plenty of room. I really like the document storage area to put magazines or anything else that I don't want to get damaged when I travel. I am also able to keep a Nikon 1 J3 with lens attached and a second lens in the middle section of the bag. The pouch for storing the cables for my laptop is nice and it's even better that Oakley designed an area in the bag for the pouch to be secured so it doesn't move around when traveling.

    The back portion for a laptop and tablet is a little cozy. I can't fit my 15" HP zBook in the bag. It is too big for the bag. The pouch for laptops works better with thinner laptops. I am able to put my 13" MacBook Pro in the pouch. Honestly I would rather travel with that laptop because it is much lighter. I'm also able to fit my iPad in the other pouch but only if it doesn't have a bulky cover on it.

    There is also a surprise pocket in the front of the bag just behind the molded front zipper area. I'm not sure what it is for... Maybe maps, or travel documents needed when traveling.

    Overall I am extremely happy with the purchase!

  • Larger, heavier office bag with unique styling, but some very noticeable annoyances

    While I really like the way it looks and it is extremely spacious, there were some dealbreakers for me. Due to the metal hardware, it is much heavier than many other bags that I've tried, which makes a big difference for an everyday carry bag. Also, the shoulder strap does not slide around, so you need to readjust the lengths of the straps in order to move the shoulder bag (when switching from one shoulder to cross body carry) - this was very annoying for me. Finally, the zippers seem to get stuck quite a bit. Perhaps it may get better with time, but when compared to nice bags using YKK zippers, you can definitely notice the difference in quality.

    For pros, one really cool positive was that it had a water bottle pocket which is extremely rare on office bags/briefcase-style bags. Also, looks very eye-catching. Has a ton of space & pockets, and came with an accessory pouch which was nice. The hard-molding of the front pocket and inner pockets of the front compartment offers some additional protection.

  • Great bag for salespeople, commuters, anyone that has to be mobile with a laptop and stuff.

    I absolutely love this bag! I had an Oakley Computer Bag 2.0 for many years but they discontinued that product and I had to go searching for something to replace it. In general Oakley makes great products but I didn't love some of their messenger bags of years past. This one seems to be back in line with what the needs of the average business person are. Ample room for laptop, tablet, charger, documents, pens, gadgets, etc. and it isn't overly bulky which is an issue I have had with other messenger bags like what Timbuk2 makes.

    A couple of points I like about this bag:
    1. Metal clasps, metal zippers, metal handle (not my favorite, but it is durable. The last one had a rubber handle that broke down over time), tough outer material that hasn't scuffed, ripped or shown any sign of wear.
    2. Tons of storage options. There are little pockets with velcro closures for anything you don't want bouncing around (I keep my wifi hotspot in one). There are separated paper/file pockets: 2 in the inside zipper and 1 that is hidden behind the front pocket and is accessible from the outside.
    3. There is a pass-thru that allows you to hook the bag over your rolling suitcase handle when you are traveling (this might sound like a minor thing but if you have ever traveled for business and tried to run through a terminal dragging your carry on while your messenger bag swings wildly off your shoulder, you understand why this feature is necessary).
    4. Speaking of travel, the laptop storage area unzips and you don't have to take the laptop out at TSA checkpoints.

    Overall, I think I have found the work bag I will be using for the next few years. This fits all of my needs and then some. I have yet to feel like I can't fit what I need in this bag and everything is well organized and easy to find.