oakley - Oakley Blade 30 Backpack


Oakley Blade 30 Backpack

Aprox. 64€ - see price -

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 100% polyester lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 16.5" shoulder drop
  • Machine Wash
  • 21" high
  • 13" wide
  • Strap Drop: N inches; Pockets: 2 slip, 4 zip, 4 exterior, 0 id windows, 0 card slots
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  • Great motorcycle bag

    I'very had the bag for a little while now n gotta say I love it. Yes there's a few things I'd like to note for others. The chest clasp is adjustable and has a stretch to it so I'm not sure how tight u can go but it's adjustability up n down is great. While wearing it I've noticed there's not a real great ventilation to the back (yeah I know it's a backpack) even still a thought. I really like how stiff the bag is but a lil giving. I also love all the organization pockets, water bottle holders, felt lined sunglasses pocket, outer pocket even more lil pockets for things. The bag also opens from the top via zip not the entire length of the bag. I think may be cumbersome for larger items but I could easily slide in a 12 pack or 6 pack of beer lol I haven't used the dry bag yet so can't really comment on it mayb later I will. I think its a great motorcycle bag for trips where u wanna get stuff n not have the bag laying to one side or the other

  • Definitely large enough, great material!

    Thought wouldn't be large enough. Bottom portion expands a bit so it holds my iPad air, 1 30 ounce shaker bottle, 2 REI 32 ounce water bottle, 1 10 inch chefs knife, 1 8 inch chefs knife, 1 4.5 inch paring knife, all knives with a blade protector, couple cd cases, pair socks, 2 Under Armour shirts, book, note pad. All that in main compartment only. Tiny compartment on top for sunglasses, but I use for other things. Medium compartment bottom of bag where I keep few pens, eye drops, contact lens liquid bottle travel size, lighter, Aleve bottle, 4 protein bars. 2 side compartments that will fit Galaxy Note 3 phone, few check books, flashlights, first aid stuff...
    For the price, super happy with Oakley bag.
    Great material, good straps, not bulky, great balance. With all that stuff in bag, it doesn't feel heavy on my back.

  • Good quality bag for the money

    Well made bag it's pretty big bag and the material is durable. I do wish it had more compartments inside the bag. Oakley how do you make a sunglass compartment that doesn't fit Oakley sunglasses my gascans is a hard fit and I was looking forward to useing to keep my glasses from getting scratched up very disappointing. The bag looks great. I am over all pleased for the price and the dry bag to protect important electronics is a bonus.

  • Excellent Backpack Worthy of the Oakley Name.

    This is a well constructed Backpack, as you would expect from the Oakley Brand. I am very happy with the purchase, thoough I do have one tiny "complaint". I wish that the zipper on the secondary compartment was on the other side. I tend to wear my backpack on my right shoulder. So when I want to get something from the secondary compartment I slide it around to open it, but the zipper is on the other side so when I open it things want to fall out. Just have to go lefty I guess. No complaints otherwise.

  • Ripped and Can't Return???

    As with any Amazon purchase, I should be able print a label and return to Amazon, yet there is no label to print, despite the emails and website telling me to "click here" for the label. The backpack was great, it was just ripped along the zipper. I exchanged it...well, I am trying to exchange it, but if I can't print the return label, then I guess I'm stuck with a ripped backpack.

  • Holds up over time

    This is a no frills everyday type backpack. It does that job tremendously well though. Would have liked a few more pockets. So, if that would be a thing for you I might look elsewhere and the sunglass pocket hasn't fit any glasses I've found(even oakley's). So, that is a bit disconcerting. Overall this bag has been my daily driver for about two years and I won't be needing another anytime soon.

  • Very Cool

    I got my back pack last week. It is bigger than I was expecting, however I love it! After reading some of the reviews, I will agree with most. There was no wet bag as advertised and the sunglass compartment is very small. Other than that, I highly recommend this backpack!

  • Wonderful

    My son loves it. It has padded shoulder straps that I love bc he’s having to carry a lot more things this year so it’s a lot heavier than ever before and it protects his shoulders