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  • Great big backpack, easy to use, with a few minor flaws

    Having just got this backpack, I'll provide an initial review. I've had it for less than a week.
    I've wanted a "kitchen sink" for a long time, and finally had the purpose to get one.
    The build quality and materials are fantastic. I'm happy that i got the navy blue which is almost like a denim material.

    The "cons" that I have are minor.

    -Tons of space (34L)
    -very comfortable to wear
    -has removable padded waist strap
    -looks very durable

    -The "big flap" on the top is a very common complaint. I don't find it to be that big of a problem, but what I've noticed is if I open the bag so the straps are facing towards me, and I open the flap towards me as well, it's easier to access the inside pockets while holding up the flap.
    - There aren't enough double zippers... having the ability to have an opening in a pocket at whatever place I want is important.
    - laptop holder strap velcro - I have a .7 inch think macbook pro, the strap only catches with like 2 inches of space. It would be better if I could secure the laptop in place a little more snug.
    -the front pocket on the big flap - It's a good size but tapers down to nothing. little stuff falls to the bottom. It would almost be better if they divided this out into multiple pockets on the 'big flap" as it seems there is enough room for it.

  • Great, durable, large backpack with a decent number of compartments

    I bought this for a trip through Ecuador, recommended by a friend. turned out great. I like the extra side pockets and the top compartment for easy access. Also the internal "bag" with the bottom zipper makes for a great place to put dirty clothes, so they stay separated from clean clothes. The price was incredible through this vendor, as I got the Lx ("luxury", meaning pretty colors) version for far less than MSRP and less than the best price for the standard model. It's not a fake knock-off.

  • Great until....

    This is an amazing backpack until......
    This is the second one we have purchased where the bottom zipper has broken. The first one had two zippers break. That one lasted a year. This one lasted one month and a day and the bottom zipper blew out and cannot be repaired. In fairness, my 13 year old’s school STINKS and does not have lockers but requires a boatload of crap to be carried. It is stuffed, but one month? Nope. I can’t recommend this unless it isn’t going to be carrying a whole lot.

  • Nice looking. Terrible function.

    Returned. I swear this bag was made for fashion only as it really serves no function other than to annoy the hell out of you. The top flapper on this bag looks good but is utterly ridiculous access. Not only is it a pain to open each time but when you want to pull something out the top wants to keep closed.

  • Nice bag, needs better organization

    Just received this bag. First impression is that it is well made and has lots of storage. The bag also looks great. Where Oakley missed the mark on this bag is the lack of internal storage pockets (mesh and other) that they include in several of their other bags. The storage sections in the kitchen sink bag are large and would benefit from mesh internal pockets to keep smaller items organized and easy to get to. It also lacks a ring or hook to hold your keys. This is a major oversight in my opinion and would be very easy for Oakley to correct.

  • Lives up to the name

    This became my travel backpack after my last backpack of 10 years finally gave out. Looks great, is comfortable walking around the airport or around my destinations. Stores everything I need for the long haul flights (two laptops, slippers, water bottle, snacks, chargers, neck pillow, etc.) with room for more and doesn't kill my back. Able to store both under the seat on a plane as well as overhead storage. Have gone on two international trips with it so far and has held up fantastically. Great value for the price.

  • The backpack for the person who carries everything.

    Great travel backpack with enough room for even the Kitchen Sink! This is my second Oakley Kitchen Sink; the first one being Herb (Camo). I’m accustom to carrying two laptops, a full-size wireless keyboard, two tablets and various cords and Bluetooth devices. I also own the OGIO Renegade and I love both of these bags, but the Oakley lets me carry more.

  • Fills my list of wants

    I LOVE technical backpacks, so this fits the bill! It has compartments everywhere, but more importantly, it has a HUGE main compartment, with a dirty clothes section on the bottom. Amazon had a better price on this then oakley, so i bought it here. The bag is made extremely well and is super high quality.